Flood protection measure Saalachspitz

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July 2015 || Client: Land Salzburg - Bundeswasserbauverwaltung

After the flood in 2013 both the bank protection at the river Saalach and Salzach required rehabilitation. The province of Salzburg decided against hard engineering and for a natural restoration of the area at Saalachspitz. Flood protection measures were coupled with restoration measures, thus creating a recreational area for the city of Salzburg.

Flussbau iC was in charge of submission and detailed planning. By means of active expansion and soft engineering measures the space available for the rivers to develop was increased. Both river beds were stabilised through this measures, counteracting bed degradation. Infrastructure such as sewer and gas pipeline were relocated and guarded with flood protection measures. 

The project was planned in 2014 and executed in winter 2014/2015.

There is a video online on youtube (german): Mehr Raum für Mensch und Natur.