Flood protection measures for Lavamünd authorized

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April 2016 || Client: Municipality of Lavamünd, Carinthia (Austria)

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The flood of November 5th 2012 caused damages in the municipality of Lavamünd of  6 Mio. €. The high financial damage and the occurrence of a flood with this dimension showed once more the importance of flood protection. 

Flussbau iC Villach conducted a general project on request of the municipality of Lavamünd, involving variant analysis and participation of authorities and citizens. This project was now authorized by the municipal council and presented by Peter Mayr, manager of flussbau ic Villach. 

The overall costs for the measures will be as high as 5 Mio. €, planned construction time is fall 2016 to summer 2019. Major challenge in this project is the integration of the measures in the landscape as well as the aspect of surface drainage. The measures include walls with heights up to 2.5 m, dams, mobile flood protection elements, surface drainage elements and two newly built bridges.



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